Business Manager Visa

What type of business would be acceptable from an immigration and Business Manager Visa perspective?

  A. There is no limitation in terms of  industries for the Business Manager Visa. But there are some crucial points you must prove in order for your visa to be granted. 

First of all, you can manage your company by not only investing  capital but also by running the business as a manager. 

Secondly, as a manager, you can create a feasible business plan which can be profitable continuously and stable by making use of your relevant business experience and knowledge. 

For instance, if you are interested in real-estate investment and want to set up your company for the purpose of investing in real-estate, and then purchase properties under your company's name for your personal benefit, those conditions will not necessarily allow you to be granted a Business Manager Visa. You might need to hire employees and manage your properties as parts of your business- for example the paperwork, cleaning services, maintenance services, etc, and also set up a business such as a real estate agency, hotel business, or a  consulting business with investment under some conditions.

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